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was the terror plot aired as part of a political coup against Blair?

Aug. 14, 2006 --
There is an increasing body of evidence on both sides of the Atlantic that Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation has engaged in a pattern of news manufacturing and illegal activities to hype the "liquid bomb" aviation threat and influence political developments. As WMR reported on Aug. 11, the move that prompted Murdoch, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and George W. Bush to stage a phony terror threat -- namely, the attempted political coup against Blair by members of his own Cabinet and Labor Party -- was based on a Murdoch-approved illegal wiretap by his London-based News of the World royals editor that hacked into the voice and text cell phone messages of three members of Prince Charles' staff. Murdoch learned of a Labor Party move, supported by Prince Charles, to dump Blair as Prime Minister. The police investigation of that incident has now, according to Time Europe, has now graduated from the London Metropolitan Police to the department's anti-terrorism unit, the same unit that is investigating the liquid bomb hoax perpetrated on global air travelers by Murdoch and a vacationing Blair and Bush. The anti-terrorism probe is now focused on British cell phone companies Vodaphone and O2 and is expanding to investigate whether the News Corporation eavesdropping project was also directed against the reported major plotters against Blair: Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Leader of the House of Commons Jack Straw, Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain, Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett, Environment Secretary David Miliband, and Home Affairs Committee Chairman John Denham, all to the left of Blair and all critical of Blair's close relationship with Bush and Blair's acquiescence to Israel's invasion of Lebanon.

In reaction to the plot against Blair, Home Secretary John Reid, who has now supplanted Brown as the neo-con's heir apparent to Blair and who is a firm supporter of the Bush administration, and members of the British security services took over the "investigation" of the liquid bombing "plot," working closely with their counterparts in the Bush administration. Reid, not Deputy Prime Minister Prescott, took over as chair of the Cabinet Office Briefing Room-A (Cobra) meetings during Blair's absence in Barbados.

WMR has also learned of other NewsCorp/Fox News political chicanery. During Rep. Cynthia McKinney's August 8 election night rally at the Omega Center in the DeKalb County, outside of Atlanta, witnesses saw several off-duty Atlanta policemen leave a Fox 5 News truck and engage in name calling, uttering racial and religious epithets, and engaging in other political chicanery such as attempting to start fights with McKinney supporters. Fox and other networks later reported that the offensive comments were made by McKinney supporters. The president of Fox News is Roger Ailes, a former Republican political operative and propagandist. WMR is pursuing this story.

See how Fox News manipulated the news inside and outside the Omega Center and how its reporters and hired provocateur Atlanta cops attempted to incite violence and engage in racial and religious baiting:

WMR has also exclusively obtained an affidavit about the Fox News/Atlanta Police involvement in stirring up trouble at the McKinney rally at the Omega Center:


State of Georgia
County of DeKalb

1. My name is Faye Coffield and I am a resident of DeKalb County, Georgia. I have been a resident of DeKalb County continuously since 1979. I am of sound mind and make this Affidavit based upon facts and circumstances of which I have personal knowledge.

2. From December 1981 until December 2002, I was employed as a Police Officer by the Atlanta Police Department. My highest rank was Sergeant. During the course of my work, I was employed worked various assignments including the Atlanta Housing Authority Precinct from approximately 1997 to 2000. During that period I worked with Sgt. Walter (?) A. Bishop.

3. Sgt. Bishop I never liked one another for specific reasons. I also assisted an officer in filing an Internal Affairs Complaint and a Departmental Complaint against Sgt. Bishop for allowing Officers to report for duty on a holiday, fill out a time sheet stating they had worked, when in fact they had actually almost immediately upon arriving at work gone home. There was however, one officer, I believe a female, who arrived late and was told she would have to use her compensation or vacation time. This was done, the officer later learned the other officers had lied about working and she thus filed a complaint. To the best of my know the complaint was sustained and several officers and Sgt. Bishop received discipline because of it. This incident happened on a day when I was scheduled off and thus I was not included in it.

4. I worked as a volunteer in Campaign to Re-Elect Congresswoman McKinney beginning in approximately mid-June. I received no monetary compensation or promises of employment.

5. On the night of August 8, 2006 at approximately 2345 hours myself and at least two other people were standing outside at the Omega Center.

6. Walter Bishop, who I had not seen since leaving the police department walked over spoke, shook my hand and asked me if I remembered him. I stated I did and that was the extent of my dealing and/or conversation with him at that time.

7. I observed Walter Bishop and several white males standing with members of a television crew, entering the Fox news truck and another large dark colored news truck which had the license plate number 3411 AEP, Georgia or 3911 AEP Georgia.

8. I was later advised by persons at the location they had seen several white men “..with guns...” near these TV trucks and wandering through the crowd. One of the white males was pointed out to me and it was Walter Bishop. I dismissed the matter at that time because I knew Bishop had previously been a police officer. I was also informed one of the news crews had “brought their own security.”

9. After Congresswoman McKinney made her speech, we were all walking down the westbound walk way towards her vehicle. I was on the extreme outter edges on the North side of her. I observed a white male who had been with Bishop running towards us. I was not initially concerned because I believed this man was in fact a law enforcement official.

10. As we began to reach the news truck this man shouted “...Go build your ...Mosque...” He continued to shout racial slurs. Others with me heard this.

11. This man and a man who was not a part of the security team began to argue. I told the man to leave.

12. The white man then asked me “where are you licensed”. He then stated he had ran me and I did not have a Georgia license. I informed him that I owned a Private investigation Agency and a Security Agency both of which were licensed by the state.

13. He then made additional statements to me upon which I told him he could do as he pleased but I would sue him and the station.

14. I have now been informed by a person who was nearby that after I left she heard comments made by Walter Bishop.

15. I also believe Walter Bishop was a member of the Atlanta Branch of the Fraternal Order of Police while we were employed there. I was never a member.

16. It is ironic of all the police officers in this State, the only one this news outlet could find is one with whom I had an extreme dislike and one who I filed charges on. I also find it ironic Walter Bishop walked over and shook my hand and stood near me until I moved considering he did not shake my hand and barely spoke to me when we worked together.

Faye Coffield
Subscribed and Sworn before me

this 10th day of August 2006.
Notary Public

Ed. note: It is beyond time for News Corp./Fox News to be seriously investigated by authorities in the United Kingdom and United States for fraud and criminal conspiracy. Description of James Bond villain Elliot Carver in "Tomorrow Never Dies": "Carver is a media mogul who wants to start World War III for better ratings and exclusive stories in his 'Tomorrow' newspaper. Capable to make and break people and governments with a single story, Carver's scheme involves manipulations of war tactics using his stealth ship to start a war."

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