Thursday, August 17, 2006

No Plot To Bomb Bridge, FBI Says
Upper Peninsula, August 15
No Plot To Bomb Bridge, FBI Says

A day after saying it was investigating a possible plot by three men to blow up the Mackinac Bridge, federal officials now say the men have no link to terrorism and there is no plot.

The news on Monday made national news and captured the attention of many in the Upper Peninsula.

"Naturally, when I heard it, I perked up and listened closer than maybe I normally do," said Karen Dubow of Marquette. "And I guess I just thought I'm glad someone's doing their job and checking it out."

As to the suspicious purchase of 36 cell phones from the Marquette Wal-Mart last week, the FBI said it is not investigating the case for a possible link to terrorism.

The cell phones aroused suspicion in Marquette and downstate because they can be used to detonate bombs, but officials also concede they can be bought in bulk and then re-sold, for a considerable profit.

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