Wednesday, August 16, 2006

AlterNet: Blogs: PEEK: Fox guest promotes Yellow Stars for Jews

AlterNet: Blogs
Fox guest promotes Yellow Stars for Jews
By Evan Derkacz
Posted on August 16, 2006, Printed on August 16, 2006

Okay, it wasn't yellow stars, it was Muslim-only lines at the airport. But you get the point. Many will see a difference because it corresponds to a contemporary fear and tickles a certain logic.

Or: racism is contextual.

According to the News Hound Judy, talk radio host and Fox contributor Mike Gallagher said: "It’s time to have a Muslims check-point line in America’s airports and have Muslims be scrutinized. You better believe it, it’s time..." []

Fortunately, they also had constitutional attorney Michael Gross in the studio who was a more than adequate spokesman for the opposing view. And, in fact, I have no problem giving bigoted morons a platform when a forceful, articulate, and equally self-interested debating partner can be found.

Gross didn't mince words:

it takes courage to be free, land of the free, home of the brave. not just a coincidence. it's not just a matter of political correctness. please. it's illegal. it's than constitutional. unethical, immoral. it shouldn't be done. we do not in this country, prejudge a person based upon their race, creed, color, country of national origin. it is wrong to do so. in addition, it's not effective. it doesn't work. it actually per pedestrianates the problem. that is, it separates us.


Evan Derkacz is a New York-based writer and contributor to AlterNet.

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