Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Truth Seeker - UK airline liquid explosive plot another entrapment scheme

The Truth Seeker

Controlling the News August 13, 2006
TBR – August 13, 2006

Probably the most classic example of the iron control over the American media can now be seen in the frenzy over the alleged "Liquid Explosive Bombers" in England.

From our Paris and especially, our London bureaus, we know for a fact that all of this was concocted by the British MI-6 with the grateful encouragement and assistance from the U.S. Embassy in London. What we really have, are a group of young, impressionable Pakistani Muslims who were infiltrated by at least two British agents, one of whom actually was a renegade Pakistani.

They were coaxed into thinking they were taking part in a massive plot against the evil British and Americans when in fact, like the dreadful 9/11 attacks, the actual controllers were intelligence agents. Once the British, again with the firm encourage of our leadership, had enough evidence to convince others, they pounced.

This is part and parcel of the Republican pre-election strategy to take the public's growing anger at the deadly Iraqi war and shift it to vague threats of "terror attacks" that Bush himself can take the credit for defending America against.

This is such an obvious concocted ploy that it speaks volumes towards the utter contempt the Bush/Cheney people have for the intelligence of their voters.

We in the media are flooded every day with reams of boilerplate crap from government writers that we have been "strongly requested" to publish in full to "heighten the awareness of the American people, not only to terrorism aimed at them but the successful efforts of our President and his British allies" to protect and defend them.

And because of the hype, we have to publish although this subject is causing much merriment amongst the members of the media who are in the know.

The problem with this Alice in Wonderland garbage is that the Bush people pulled it off far too soon. If, as they say, the American public is stupid beyond belief and can be led like a sheep to slaughter, they should have waited until late in October.

By November, none of this will be remembered. Who now recalls the farcical FBI essay into terrorism termination dealing with teenaged Musim boys in the Miami ghetto? "They were actually going to blow up the Sears Tower!" one "suggested" headline said.

Like the recent aircraft bombing scare with liquid shoe polish, this Miami joke passed quickly from the front pages to the truss ads and now can be found nowhere.

Instead of building up a great American cheering section for the sagacity and abilities of the shoddy Administration, all this will do, once the public realizes they have been taken to the cleaners, again, will be a very negative reaction come November. After this, the right wing Republicans can go back to torturing kittens in the microwave and leave matters to more responsible, and sane, people"

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