Friday, August 04, 2006

AGITPROP: Wingnut Roundup....

AGITPROP: Version 3.0, Featuring Blogenfreude

Thursday Wingnut Roundup


Well, somebody has to keep an eye on them:

All Things Beautiful - all those dead bodies in Lebanon? Ha! A Hezbollah PR Jedi mind trick, and the MSM just laps it up - keeps showing us the same bodies again and again ... I mean, like, don't you know what rigor mortis means?
All Things Conservative - Tom Friedman says that the MSM is coddling Hezbollah just like they did the PLO - who am I to argue?
American Thinker - it's obvious that Mel Gibson hates Jews because they bitched about The Passion of the Christ without even seeing it! Stupid Jews - they run everything!
Atlas Shrugs - I finally got into Israel ... war makes me so fuckin' hawt! Damn I wish I was a chick with a gun!
Blue Crab Boulevard - although my blog often relies on wire service reports, I'm willing to ignore them if it helps make the Israelis look less culpable in the Qana bombings.
Bullwinkle Blog - you think Republicans are responsible for political polarization? Get real! Everyone know George Soros is responsible for the red-state blue-state thing. Moron.
Captain's Quarters - leaving the appearance of a power vacuum creates the same amount of danger as a real power vacuum because under these circumstances appearances probably do not lie and power vacuums invite all sorts of responses to the need to fill them so obviously Raul is out and Fidel is finished. Yay us! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
Confederate Yankee - the IDF is investigating Qana because of questions asked in this blog (and some other blogs) - aren't you impressed? C'mon ... this post has thirteen whole comments!
Debbie Schlussel - the real Islamic threat isn't in the Middle East, it's in Ireland. No, seriously ... hey, c'mon! Islam is really scary!
Flopping Aces - do you think Castro is dead? Wouldn't that be cool ... and an excuse to drink!
GOP Bloggers - Joe, you're too good for the Democrats, but you're too liberal to be a Republican, so you should form a third party. (Shhh! Do you think he's stupid enough to fall for it??! Oh please oh please oh please ...).
Hot Air (Allahpundit) - let's see - we need to deflect attention from our Pavlovian hatred of the left, so ... so ... aha! We'll post a video clip of Dan Rather talking about Bush Derangement Syndrome. Psych!
Hugh Hewitt - if you look at Mel Gibson's tirade and compare it to Fidel, Hezbollah, and the killings at the Jewish Foundation in Seattle, well, so what if Mel hates the Jews? Get off the guy's back!
Instapundit - look, it's me, Ann Althouse, guest posting at Instapundit! Should you be impressed? Maybe you should ... oooh look! A big hairy animal! Doesn't he look sad?
JunkyardBlog - hmmm, better hope Castro doesn't catch a cold ... ha hahahaha! I made a Yuri Andropov joke! I just totally fucking rule.
LGF - so what if the guy who shot up the Jewish Foundation was a convert to Christianity? The AP should have called him a Muslim! Look - if we're going to continue to call Islam the Religion of Peace™, we need the media's cooperation!
Macsmind - Hillary wants Rumsfeld to testify before the Armed Services Committee, but why should he? It's not like he's in the cabinet or anything! And there's a war on ... fucking Carl Levin.
Michelle Malkin - so what if Mel Gibson made a movie that makes Christians want to kill Jews? Some Muslim in Seattle actually killed some! What? He was a convert to Christianity? NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH ... I can't HEEEAAARRR YOOOUUU!
NRO (Jonah Goldberg) - as usual I have nothing useful to add, so let me take this opportunity to apologize for a spelling error that might piss off people in a red state.
NRO (K-Lo) - as usual I have nothing useful to add, so let me take this opportunity to point out how dumb Paris Hilton is ... not that she doesn't deserve a tax cut or anything.
Patterico's Pontifications - I'd like you to believe I'm undecided about whether Qana was staged, but I'm not, so I'll pretend I'm undecided but link to a bunch of stuff that says the whole thing was a big fat fake (wink wink, nudge nudge).
Powerline - did you know the Senate voted for the border fence before they voted against it before they voted for it? ... wait ... what the fuck is going on with the fence?
Protein Wisdom - ever lift up a flaking scab and find that smooth, mother-of-pearl patch just beneath? Hard not to think of rebirth and renewal when you see that shiny expanse of healing—which, incidentally, tastes just like chicken.
Real Clear Politics - when Lamont hammers Lieberman next week you should remember that it's the fault of the pollsters - it has nothing to do with angry voters who want a new senator.
Security Watchtower - lookee here! The Iraqis are taking over in some northern province, and we're gonna' build computer labs and libraries and all kinds of cool stuff! So what if Baghdad is FUBAR? Ignore that man behind the curtain!
The Real Ugly American - it's disappointing that Mel went on a racist tirade, but wasn't Braveheart like, the best movie ever?

That's our report for this week! For extra credit (hat tip: Sadly, No!), guess which one is a verbatim quote.
graphic: Comandante Agi

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