Monday, July 31, 2006

The Truth Will Set You Free: CNN anchor takes Israeli spokeswoman to task

The Truth Will Set You Free

CNN anchor takes Israeli spokeswoman to task

CNN anchor: “[Hizbullah’s rockets] are crude rockets, aren’t they? and after all, their impact has been minimal compared to the impact of Israeli strikes on Lebanon.

Explain something to us, why would you not try to be shooting these Katusha missiles, or rockets I should say – they’re not missiles at all - they’re rockets. Why would Israel not be trying to shoot them out of the sky? They have the capability to do that.

Israeli spokeswoman: No, Rosemarie, these are Katusha rockets which they fire a barrel a dozen and the fact that there haven’t been casualties in Israel shouldn’t necessarily be held against us . . .

WRONG!!! It should be held against Israel because in order to justify a claim of self-defense you must use only the force necessary to repel the degree of force being threatened against you. The force used in "self-defense" must be proportionate. In other words, if there are little or no actual casualties in Israel, then Israel is charged with that knowledge and must be held accountable for excessive force used to defend against it.

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