Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Russia defeating America in geopolitics

A strange turn in cold war – Russia defeating America in geopolitics – America may have made mistakes in Iraq, India and China
Sunil Razdhan
Dec. 7, 2005

Russia is slowly turning the geopolitical chess board on America. Very quietly in recent days Americans are surpassed by the Russians in geopolitical movements and maneuvers.

First it started with Iraq. It was a miscalculation, an embarrassment and something that should not have happened. Saddam was a brutal dictator. He was comparable to Hitler. There was reason to believe that he could have indulged in causing trouble for America with perceived weapons of mass destruction. But America being the only super power should have used other means to contain him and eventually remove him. Look at Fidel Castro. He is contained and really powerless in terms geopolitics. But to go and attack Iraq like that just created a mess that cannot be undone so easily. Iraq is Al-Queda’s new breeding ground. The next mistake came in India and China. While India and China will like have American dollars, no one there are in love with America. They like American money, standard of living and sophistication associated with “anything with smell of America”. But to take all jobs and move the industrial base to China and India without correcting their artificially manipulated currency differentials is worse than attacking Iraq.

The Chinese trade surplus is so high that it is worrisome. President Bush understood that in his recent visit to China. Think about this, America has zero real savings and is absorbing 80% of world’s savings especially from Asia. Russians have made very interesting adjustments. They are flexing their strength by making quiet friendship with previous Warsaw countries. East European countries have started regarding America as a declining power while EU as the rising Sun and Russia a newly found friend with enormous amountss of oil and gas. While America in recent days has rushed towards India – the newly found friend, its complacency with Pakistani terror has made India rely more on Russia. Russia has brought a very strong strategic coalition together – the BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Sino-Indian-Russian relations are on the rise. Russia’s available oil and relatively inexpensive high tech knowledge is making India and China more comfortable. India and Russia are going to start operating Air bases all around the world starting with Tajik air base. It is the start but not the end. Russia wants to leverage the Chinese military the same way to keep America on the toe. American military technology is far superior than the rest of the world. But its recent mistakes starting from velvet revolution in Ukraine to outsourcing from India and China to unnecessary and unpopular war in Iraq – all are long term trouble for America.

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