Tuesday, December 06, 2005

L-3 Taps Darpa Vet

L-3 Taps Darpa Vet: "L-3 Taps Darpa Vet

By TSC Staff
12/5/2005 11:50 AM EST

L-3 Communications (LLL:NYSE - commentary - research - Cramer's Take) named Arthur A. Morrish chief technology officer for the Products Group.

The New York-based defense contractor said Morrish will review the group's research and development efforts. He will also have responsibilities supporting various other technology and research and development initiatives within L-3 Communications. Morrish will report to Charles J. Schafer, president and chief operating officer of L-3's Products Group.

Morrish, 48, was director of the Tactical Technology Office for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

'Art brings to L-3 an advanced technical background in strategic military development initiatives,' said Schafer. 'This expertise will not only help L-3 develop new technologies on behalf of our customers, but it will also support L-3 in identifying useful technology synergies from across the corporation, and enable us to refine our research and development efforts to develop new products more quickly and with advanced capabilities.'

On Monday, L-3 slipped 53 cents to $74.98."

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