Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Agents say secret jails were shut in a hurry- Times Online.UK,,13509-1910591,00.html
The Times Online .uk December 07, 2005

Agents say secret jails were shut in a hurry
By Daniel McGrory
THE CIA was accused yesterday of shutting down two secret prisons holding al-Qaeda terror suspects in Eastern Europe before Condoleezza Rice’s tour of the region.
The suspects were reportedly hurriedly moved to a new CIA-run facility hidden in a North African desert to allow the US Secretary of State to tell her European hosts that nobody was being held on their soil. Intelligence chiefs are also preparing new flight plans to avoid refuelling stops at European airports by aircraft operated by the CIA.
Renegade CIA officers who oppose the reported use of torture by fellow agents are alleged to be leaking details of the whereabouts of some of America’s most highly valued detainees to campaigners.
The latest leak, reported by ABC News yesterday, was that 11 suspects were recently moved after revelations that the CIA was holding them in Poland and Romania — Dr Rice’s latest stop on her European tour. The detainees are said to include Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who is believed to have orchestrated the September 11 attacks on the US.

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