Monday, December 05, 2005

House of Death Series Begins on WBAI Today

[narconews] House of Death Series Begins on WBAI Today

December 5, 2005
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Dear Colleague,

The "House of Death" mass murder case is the subject of a four-part
series that will begin airing today on WBAI's Expert
Witness Radio. Bill Conroy's exclusive Narco News investigations of
this case will play a major part in the series by Expert Witness host
Mike Levine, a former undercover DEA agent. The House of Death was
the site of a series of torture/deaths in Juarez, Mexico involving an
informant on Homeland Security's payroll. U.S. officials were aware
of the murders while they were happening but did nothing to stop
them, and later covered up the events and various agencies'
responsibility for them.

Those in the New York area can listen on 99.5FM, but the programs
will also be broadcast online. Find airtimes and links to listen, as
well as a full background on the case with links to previous Narco
News stories in the following notebook entry from Bill Conroy:

Two other recent, excellent stories posted in The Narcosphere that
you may have missed:

- Longtime Caracas, Venezuela resident Charlie Hardy gives his
perspective on this weekend's parliamentary elections in Venzuela.
"There are places within the country," writes Hardy, "where
opposition leaders have done a good job and would stand to win seats
in the congress. In other areas, there is enough concentration of the
elite that elections would also be secure. But, in general, the
opposition has been looking at a great defeat because of their
longstanding ineptness and corruption. So what could they do?
Withdraw their candidates and cry foul, which is what they have done.
Their next expected move is to seek international intervention
because the democratic process is supposedly under attack and in one
way or another get Ch�vez out ? out of power and maybe out of the

Read that entire story here:

- Bill Conroy weighs in on the "Iraq press payola scandal," in which
great anger has arisen over the revelation that the U.S. military
paying Iraqi journalists to write favorable stories about the
occupation. "In my book," writes Conroy, "all this fuss in the
mainstream media over the U.S. military paying to plant favorable
stories in the Iraqi press is one big charade. This kind of paid-for
journalism happens all the time, even in the land of the free-press.
It's the quid pro quo of making a buck in the media business. And as
proof, the only real concern being advanced about the pay-for-press
scandal in Iraq is that it wasn't labeled as 'paid for by the U.S.
military' ? as if that would make all the difference."

Read all these stories and much more in The Narcosphere, the group
blog of the 252 copublishers of Narco News.

From somewhere in a country called Am�rica,

Dan Feder
Managing Editor
The Narco News Bulletin

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