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All Headline News - New Drug Fights Sleep Deprivation - December 6, 2005

All Headline News - New Drug Fights Sleep Deprivation - December 6, 2005: "New Drug Fights Sleep Deprivation

December 5, 2005 9:30 a.m. EST

Ayinde O. Chase - All Headline News Staff Writer

Irvine, CA (AHN) - Sleep deprivation leads to dull thinking and slower reaction time. A new drug being tested shows promising results of combating the effects of lack of sleep.

A regular pattern of restful sleep may be the non-drug solution. But for some shift workers, health care professionals, and military personnel, that's not always possible.

A new drug therapy including a leading ampakine compound called CX717, targets various neurological and psychiatric disorders.

The U.S. Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently tested CX717 in a sleep deprivation study in primates and found that CX717 administered to sleep- deprived monkeys improved cognitive performance and also reversed the delirious effects of sleep deprivation.

Further testing in the United Kingdom has also shows promising results, with evidence that CX717 promotes wakefulness, may improve memory and attention, and was safe and tolerable.

Dr. Roger Stoll, CEO of Cortex Pharmaceuticals says, 'We were particularly impressed in both the increased attention and vigilance scores and the cerebral arousal this first study identified in human subjects who had been sleep deprived.'

The National Commission on Sleep Disorders estimates 40 million Americans are either chronically or intermittently affected with various sleep disorders."

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