Sunday, August 06, 2006

Israel accused of 'intentional' attack |
From correspondents in Damascus

August 06, 2006 10:15am

SYRIA has accused Israel overnight of having "intentionally" bombed the Lebanese village of Qaa near the Syrian border where 28 people, mostly Syrians, were killed, the official Sana news agency reported.

In a letter sent to the UN secretary general and the chairman of the Security Council, the Syrian foreign ministry denounced "the massacre committed by Israel yesterday in Qaa."

"Israel has carried out a series of bloody massacres" in its invasion of Lebanon, "where its aircraft have intentionally killed 33 Syrian and Lebanese civilians and wounded 12 others," the letter charged.

The bombardment of Qaa claimed 28 lives, almost all of them Syrian farm workers in Lebanon, Lebanese rescue services said.

The men had been shifting boxes of fruit and vegetables at a warehouse in the Christian village of Qaa, some 50 km from the eastern city of Baalbek when the Israelis struck on Friday..

The toll now equals what was the deadliest raid by the Jewish state which also killed 28 people, including 16 children, in the southern Lebanese village of Qana on July 30.

Syria demanded Israeli compensation for the families of the dead Syrians, and backed Lebanon in its call for compensation for "Israel's massacres at Qana and Qaa and the destruction of infrastructure in Lebanon."

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