Thursday, August 10, 2006

another stolen laptop, and 11 missing Egyptians

Aug. 10, 2006 --

Aug. 10, 2006 -- Another sensitive laptop computer stolen amid hype over missing Egyptian students and alleged threat to bomb 10 Britain to U.S. flights with liquid bombs. Within the last 24 hours, the American public has been subject to government and media hype concerning 11 "missing" Egyptian students who arrived in the United States last month but failed to report for their classes at Montana State University and Britain's arrest of 21 Britons of "south Asian" descent who were arrested for plotting to blow up U.S. bound airplanes from Britain with liquid bombs disguised as toiletries. Later, one Egyptian was arrested in Minneapolis and another two were picked up in New Jersey.

Massive theft of transportation workers' personal data now reported from Florida.

Lost in the hype over the American and British arrests was the theft of yet another laptop computer containing extremely sensitive information on those who work in the air and ground transportation industry in the United States. The Miami, Florida Department of Transportation Inspector General's office reported that on July 27 a laptop containing personal and sensitive information on 133,000 Florida pilots and commercial drivers was stolen from a government computer in Doral, Florida. The names, Social Security Numbers, dates of birth, and addresses of Florida pilots and commercial and regular driver's licenses in the Miami-Dade and Tampa Bay regions were stolen. The theft of the computer was not reported to Department of Transportation officials in Washington until July 31.

WMR has been repeatedly reporting that, according to U.S. intelligence sources, the pandemic of personal data thefts are part of a covert Bush administration-sanctioned program to populate the databases of Total Information Awareness system databases.

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