Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cryptogon Blocked from U.S. Air Force Domains


Cryptogon Blocked from U.S. Air Force Domains

A Cryptogon reader writes:
I guess you're too subversive for our delicate eyes at USAF bases in [DELETED]. This Monday morning I tried to access your page from work and was greeted by an 'unauthorized: personal/politics' banner.

We have no trouble reading Drudge, NewsMax, FreeRepublic, and WorldNetDaily. I guess I'll have to wait till I get home to see some 'reality-based' information.

Keep up the good work...
I've been noticing substantially fewer .mil visits lately. Actually, I'm not getting any visits at all from .mil, that I can ID as .mil. Cryptogon used to get hundreds per day. I just assumed that They they started routing the traffic through nodes that resolved back to civilian networks. But maybe not...

It's probably safe to assume that Full Spectrum Dominance applies to the brains of U.S. military personnel, and hence the firewall 'approved access' list.

Here's a free (but check out their paid offerings), easy-to-setup tool for folks who are trying to use the web from behind restrictive firewalls: logmein.com.

If you can reach logmein.com from your browser, you can take remote control of any computer that has free access to the Internet; your home computer, for example. Then you will be able to browse cryptogon.com and any other sites that are blocked from work. (Until the donkeys wake up and block logmein.com, of course.) This was an excellent solution for me when I worked for a criminal Wall Street bank that had restrictive firewall policies.

NOTE: If your network warlord is logging keystrokes, it will be able to gain control of your PC. Be careful!


CIFAGB01.CIFA.MIL (Counter Intelligence Field Activity) arrived via whatreallyhappened.com. Thanks, Mike! ;) About CIFA.MIL. It makes sense that they'd have a clear shot to the net.

It also looks like uscg.mil (U.S. Coast Guard) and some overseas army.mil nodes are still open.

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