Monday, June 26, 2006

RTW — A Vet Speaks Out***AN EXCELLENT READ***

Bring it On!
Steve O

The following comment was left in response to some of the comments on this post and I thought it deserved some front page action.

Normally I do not post, but this is for folks like Emmet.

I served two years in Iraq and it’s in total disarray contrary to what the Bush propaganda machine want you to believe. To you armchair civilian chickenhawks who sit in your warm, secure, comfortable homes watching FOX News; if your so damn gung-ho get off your flag waving lame ass’s and prove how patriotic you really are by enlisting, let’s see the true color of your blood. In Iraq you’ll come to your senses real quick when you smell the air permeated with the foul odor of death. The innocent Iraqi people are more than willing to share their daily suffering of losing a family member or friend. Having their homes reduced to rubble, living in constant fear day and night. And who do they blame ? They blame the people of America for allowing George Bush to destroy their country.

The men and women arriving home in caskets are no longer able to speak the truth. Now their loved one’s must endure and struggle with the pain of losing a son, daughter, husband, wife, father, mother a friend. And what exactly were the reasons for dying ? For George Bush’s noble cause of spreading democracy, finding WMD’s, freeing the Iraqi people from tyranny. I don’t think so. Yes, many of us truly did think going into Iraq was all about protecting America from terrorists. It’s taken me a while, after many sleepless nights, to figure out what our governments real intentions and purposes were for engaging in this illegal war of aggression. The Iraqi people are not terrorists nor was their government hiding weapons of mass destruction. Have I earned my right to speak out against this war … your damn right I have and I live with the constant nightmare every day. And I personally don’t give a rats ass if you think I’m unpatriotic for standing up for what believe to be a evil political cover up.

Bush supporters better start paying attention to who the real enemies are in this country. This so-called ” war on terror ” is a fictional creation, designed to distract the American people from the real problems in this country while the war mongers in the White House steal more power and destroy the real America. This current FUBAR of a government is systematically disassembling every system of citizen protection, due process and anything resembling the rule of law, it is simultaneously creating a monster, a system of tyranny that has no safety checks or counterbalances.

The War on Terror is, in fact, the War on Freedom. They just didn’t name it correctly. And people who support this war and this administration share philosophies with the Nazi party members who bolstered Hitler to power. Rah rah! Shoot more people! Bomb more nations! Wave more flags! We’re #1! Go USA! Grab that oil! Imprison all the traitors! Censor the media to protect national security! Thin the herd out by getting rid of the liberals ! The list goes on …

And the cross-eyed Bush supporting morons, who have literally no understanding of history or the extreme dangers of unchecked war powers, are marching us right down the same corridor that led Nazi Germany to ruin. Every transgression by the U.S. government against some particular group, the Bushies say, is justified as long as it doesn’t target flag waving, Bible thumping, war hollering white people. In time, it will be turned against every citizen, including the Bush supporters, who will one day wake up to find their freedoms lost and say to themselves, ” But I thought they were only going after the terrorists ! I’m not a terrorist………..”

To damn bad you stupid jack-ass’s ! You made the fool’s bargain by trading liberty for security.

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