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Poor Little Swiftboater Amanda Doss

Poor Little Swiftboater Amanda Doss

Created 2006-06-25 10:12

You're going to be hearing a lot in the coming days and weeks about the ramped-up attacks on Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) for his vocal opposition to the Bush administration's actions with the Iraq war.

Much of it will take the form of calling him a traitor for rightfully calling his own beloved Marine Corps -- Murtha is a former Marine -- on atrocities committed by some of our troops in Iraq. Many will use their silly "cut and run" label in a ridiculous attempt to make a highly-decorated Veteran, with 37 years of military service, seem like one of the Chickenhawks who dominate the Republican party. Some will question the medals that the U.S. military leadership awarded Murtha and -- who knows? -- I'm guessing at this very moment some photoshopping, GOP scumbag is prepping a picture of Murtha burning an American flag while attending a Gay Pride rally.

Now meet Amanda Doss. She's one of those people and is about to put up a web site called [1] which, based on her known alliances with the kings of the bottom feeders, the Swift Boat Liars, will attempt to smear a fine man like John Murtha -- and other Veterans, like me, as well -- with new and improved levels of low-rent attacks.

But we're on to her already and she's rushed her web site into production quickly to spotlight the "…negative, hateful, or inappropriate email" she is allegedly receiving from readers of progressive blogs.

"Shortly after I purchased the domain name, my personal information (including where I live, my picture, my client list, and my email address) was posted on several 'Liberal' blogs," whines Doss. "Keep in mind, this information was posted BEFORE I had even created a website for"

She goes on to share the content (and originating e-mail addresses) of "… some of hateful and even threatening emails I have recently received due to these blogs, before this website was even created." Here's some samples:

"Please continue to try though, we will bury your threats, expose your lies, and most of all we will make it personal about you too. It is real easy in this day and age to find out people's spending habits, their comings and goings, and all the little things such as ex-boyfriends, ex-friends, and ex-colleagues in between. We will dig dirt up on you, it has already started. As they say in wingnut land... 'Bring 'em on..'"

Here's another:

"Interesting that a political whore would pick a name like 'streetcorner.' I've wonder who you'll be doing on the corner. (ick!)."

And another:

"I've got a great idea. Why don't YOU go to Iraq? You seem to take joy in the killing of innocent 'brown people', so why are you here in this country making websites eh? Too much of a sissy to stand up for what you allegedly believe in? Or too much of a total windbag pussy to put your money where your lying mouth is? Come on Amanda!"

One more:

"Swiftboating moron, you will be remembered as the shit on Murtha's boot heel."

OK, one more (from a licensed social worker):

"You are really mentally ill, seek treatment now."

You can go read the rest yourself, but here's my message to Amanda: You better toughen up, my little poisonous cupcake.

This is nothing. I get more nasty hate mail than that every week. My mother "should have aborted you when she had the chance," said one recent correspondent. One guy said I should "… move away or at least, go to hell" and another said I should "burn in hell forever." They even threaten me and my family on a regular basis.

And this is just for expressing my opinion and writing articles about the United States Senate based on researched fact.

Let's be honest, Amanda: I don’t know who's paying you for the lies and filth you’re about to heap on a man who has served our country honorably both in combat and in Congress but, if you're going to be the Internet's version of trailer trash, you need to accept the consequences.

One of the e-mails you cry about was correct in stating that John Murtha will not tolerate this garbage in the same way the 2004 Kerry campaign did -- and I can tell you right now that I, and many of the "liberal blogs" you whimper about, will not let you get away with it.

When you open up a can of worms, you should not be surprised when something slithers out. In this case, that something is you.

You can reach Bob Geiger at [2]


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