Thursday, June 29, 2006

AlterNet: Blogs: PEEK: Right to Life Montana endorses Nazi candidate

AlterNet: Blogs

Right to Life Montana endorses Nazi candidate
By Evan Derkacz
Posted on June 28, 2006, Printed on June 29, 2006

The Montana Standard, via Jessica Valenti:

Up until Monday afternoon, Right to Life of Montana had been endorsing Shawn Stuart, who’s running on the Republican ticket in Butte’s House District 76, but is also the Montana contact for the National Socialist Movement, described as "America’s Nazi Party"

Jessica's incredulous "two second" Google search turned up info on Stuart's Nazi associations. Mine took only .4 seconds. But whatever.

Jessie McQuillan's article in the Missoula Independent notes:

"For his part, Stuart doesn’t seem to understand what the big deal is all about. He says he shared his ardently anti-abortion, anti-gay and pro-gun views with Republican representatives in Butte..."

Exactly. But they don't want to own up to the authoritarian, bigoted associations their core beliefs invite. But anti-gay isn't anti-black or anti-semitic!

Yes. It. Is. Deal with it or leave the Republican party. (Feministing)

Evan Derkacz is a New York-based writer and contributor to AlterNet.

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