Thursday, July 13, 2006

Murder of Alan Senitt linked to DOD PSYOPS?

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July 13, 2006 -- According to State Department sources, a meeting of top U.S. Defense Department psychological operations (PSYOPs) officials had been taking place at the Georgetown home in front of which British neo-conservative activist Alan Senitt was brutally murdered early in the morning of July 9. Senitt and a female companion were reportedly retrieving something from the trunk of their car when they were attacked. Four assailants, all residents of Washington, DC, were arrested in connection with the Senitt murder. Senitt's throat was slit in the incident. The home where the PSYOPs meeting took place was located near the corner of Q Street and 31st Street in an otherwise quiet neighborhood in the wealthy Georgetown area of Washington.

Senitt's death reportedly occurred in front of Georgetown home where Pentagon PSYOPs meeting had been taking place.

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