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Zarqawi successor is a US creation :: from :: news from occupied Iraq - ch
Zarqawi successor is a US creation
Roads to Iraq
June 17, 2006

As I said before, Zarqawi was a myth created by the Americans, the greatest mystery about Zarqawi was the fact that the bulk of his victims were Iraqis, not Americans, strange coincidence that his agenda to divide Iraq has been similar to that of the invaders.

As Iraqi writer, Haifa Zangana said:

Even if Zarqawi did not exist they, [the US occupation] would create one, and if he died, they would make another Zarqawi to keep

Iraq under their control.

The "fine-tuned" new Zarqawi is created

We heard about US military identified Zarqawi successor, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, as they called him, they even published his autobiography.

One problem here and it is:

Nobody in Egypt among terrorists experts, Egyptian security, not even fanatic Muslims knows such a man or such a name:

Identity of Zarqawi’s successor remains enigma

The Egyptian security services have not heard of any Egyptian by this name, but since his name has been released, we are researching and investigating the matter," a security source said.

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