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Savage demanding reprisals against Iraqi civilians
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June 17, 2006

"this occupation talks Peace Corps and acts Michael Savage"

Michael Savage is finding lots to like in both mass murder of civilians and the Stalinist Soviet Union. Apparently, reprisals against civilians, killing hundreds at a time, is how the Allies won WWII against a widespread Nazi insurgency and terrorist movement after V-E day.

Yesterday's fine Savage broadcast isn't vile merely for repeating the invention that there was a German resistance after V-E day. It's his explicit argument that America beat the Nazis with the Nazi's tactic of killing civilians in reprisal, and that we can win in Iraq by the same measures.

The call for murder comes up in the context of the Haditha massacre, where Savage's twisted mental wires gets things confused. Sometimes he asserts that the marines are innocent and being accused by vile Iraqis and insane liberals. But then he goes into an explanation of why killing a large number of civilians after an attack on American troops is not only okay, but a strategy for victory, just as it was after World War II.

Typical of the conservatives of this country, Savage has one statement for people with a conscience, and another for his fans: our guys would never do that, and our guys were justified in doing that. One statement is for the normal people, one is just between them for the enjoymnet of it.

The fact that there was no such strategy for victory after World War II is besides the point. The fact it isn't a strategy now is besides the point. Savage wants his victories individual and personal, measured by the deaths of Iraqis. "Innocent" is a non-sequitur. As an uber nationalist, it's just a question of who is killing whom. He's looking for the other side, defined as anyone who isn't a nationalist hater American, to take some casualities. He's taken a side and looking for the war of Us vs. All of Them.

Before anyone gives me shit for spending time on Savage, he illustrates why the con strategy is schizophrenic. On one hand, it's all for them, the Iraqis, to protect them, give them freedom, here's another billion. On the other, it's looking to kill some muslims. The same war and occupation that is all for the good of the Iraqis won't even count how many have been and are being killed by US troops. The same war that is all for the good of the Iraqis shrugs at "collateral damage".

It was a simpler strategy when Bush could argue WMD, and didn't have to pretend that the occupation was an exercise in self sacrifice. Because this occupation talks Peace Corps and acts Michael Savage. Its mission as stated and as carried out are two completely different things, and neither can be completed.

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