Friday, June 09, 2006

FBI Crime Lab to Test Al-Zarqawi's DNA -

FBI Crime Lab to Test Al-Zarqawi's DNA
By KASIE HUNT , 06.08.2006, 11:53 PM

**gee, that sounds trustworthy, doesn't it? And who would have the DNA to test it against? WHY would they have the DNA to test it against? Does this stink to anyone else?...EG:) **

Biological samples from the bodies of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his associates were delivered Thursday night to the FBI crime laboratory in Quantico, Va.

"Biological materials listed as being from three different individuals, including al-Zarqawi, were received at the FBI laboratory," said special agent Ann Todd, the lab's spokeswoman. "FBI laboratory scientists will be working around the clock to conduct genetic testing."

The biological samples, which the FBI would not describe, were flown to the United States by the military after al-Zarqawi and the others were killed in a U.S. airstrike on a safe house north of Baghdad.

DNA tests will compare the sample from al-Zarqawi with evidence taken from other terrorist safe houses, said John Miller, the FBI's assistant director in charge of public affairs.

** which means, if anything, that it will/may match whoever was in those houses, but doesn't mean that it's Al Z's...**

"It will give us a window to establish where he's been and may help us learn who's been with him," Miller said.

The results are expected in three days.

U.S. authorities have already fingerprinted the body to confirm it is that of the terrorist leader.

**Again, based on what evidence?**


Joe Parente said...

Who cares? It's probably worse if it's actually Zarq anyway, more martyr-ish, you know, and those Musselmen love their martyrs.

xxxevilgrinxxx said...

I'd say it matters all right, it's just one more part of a put up job, like the FBI running tests for VX on missile parts that only seemed to show VX when being tested BY the FBI.
as for martyrs, it seems that the US is kind of fond of them too, or why the pretty lies made up about Tillman?
The difference is, the US MAKES martyrs, it just doesn't call them that