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Private eye, about to address hacker conference, arrested

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Private eye, about to address hacker conference, arrested
Dan Kaplan 24 Jul 2006 21:31

FBI agents arrested a private investigator over the weekend as he was preparing to address a hacker conference in New York City, several media outlets reported today.

The complaint lodged against Steven Rambam, head of New York-based investigative agency Pallorium, charges him with one count of influencing a law enforcement officer or jury member, according to published reports. The charge relates to a time when Rambam posed as a law enforcement officer so he could question the family of an informant who helped police in a money laundering case.

He was arrested as he was about to speak at the Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) Conference.

According to the Washington Post's "Security Fix" blog, "Rambam's fellow panelists said four men clad in dark blue FBI jackets quietly entered the auditorium, asked Rambam if he had any weapons on him, and then escorted him out the door along with laptop and other equipment that contained the PowerPoint slides that were to make up the bulk of his scheduled two-hour presentation."

Rambam was planning to show the audience how he spent just four-and-one-half hours to discover more than 500 pages worth of personal data on HOPE attendee Rick Dakan, a videogame designer and comic book publisher who is working on a book about hackers, the Post reported.

Calls placed to Pallorium were not immediately returned.

yes...THIS Steve Rambam...

The JDL: Jewish Hate Group

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There is a Jewish hate group in America. No one in the media seems to want you to know that they exist. But they do exist. And, Altermedia.info USA wants you to know about them. Or more specifically, I want you to know more about them.

This Jewish extremist hate group in America is called the Jewish Defense League (JDL). They claim to have 6,000 members. They are a racist, terrorist, extremist, militant, Zionist hate group. JDL member numbers are growing in the United States every day.

Americans, especially European-Americans need to be aware of the threat the JDL are to us and to the Nation as a whole. Since the mainstream media won’t give this topic the attention it deserves, I will.

In December of 2001 in Los Angeles, CA John Gordon of the L.A. U.S. attorney’s office announced that two members of the Jewish Defense League had been arrested on conspiracy and terrorist charges. They had been plotting to bomb a mosque in Culver City, CA. The two suspects were identified as Irv Rubin, 56, and Earl Krugel. Irv Rubin had been the National Chairman of the JDL since 1970. This was not the first time that Irv Rubin had been in trouble with the law. Rubin had been arrested at least 50 times on other counts prior to the conspiracy and terrorism charges of December 2001.

As leader of the Jewish Defense League, Rubin had instituted civilian patrols, organized militant programs of firearms and the martial arts.

In 1980, Irv Rubin was known to be soliciting the murders of anyone he considered to be a “Nazi” in the United States. The police charged him with solicitation with murderous intent but then he was acquitted of the charges.

Two of Irv Rubin’s favorite JDL slogans were; “I want every Jew, a .22,” he has said. “Keep alive with a .45.”

The Jewish Defense League was founded in 1968 by well-known Zionist Rabbi Meir Kahane, who left the JDL in 1985 to serve on the Israeli Parliament and then was mysteriously assassinated in 1990.

JDL Founder: Zionist Rabbi Meir Kahane

[Photo: Rabbi Meir Kahane]

It was Kahane who originally coined the popular JDL slogan, “every Jew a .22.” He created the Kahane’s Chaya Squad, a group within the JDL, whose job was to, and I quote, “instill fear in the hearts of the would-be criminals against Jews” according to Rabbi Meir Kahane. He adamantly spoke out against the intermarriage of Jews and the importance of maintaining the purity of the Jewish race.

Kahane was jailed many times for breaking the law in JDL related militant activities and was sentenced to prison before he finally decided to move his operations to Israel.

After Kahane immigrated to Israel he formed the Kach movement.

The Kach movement was most famous for its platform calling for the removal of the the entire Israeli-Arab population from Israel and transferring them “elsewhere.” The Kach Movement under Rabbi Kahane demanded the demolition and complete annihilation of all Palestinian territories followed by unlimited Jewish-Israeli settlement and the complete and final colonization of Palestine.

Rabbi Kahane considered Israel to be the chosen nation by G-d and the exclusive owners of the Holy Land. He was a self-confirmed Zionist who loathed American Democracy. He is quoted here as having said, “Judaism is not Thomas Jefferson and the Middle East is not the Midwest.”

The Western United States Chapters of the JDL

Ian Rakow is the chairman of the Jewish Defense League of Arizona.
Irv Rubin had said he had been working hard with Ian Rakow to establish the Arizona chapter. Rubin saw the JDL as an “insurance policy” for Jews.

“We consider ourselves the first and last line of defense,” said Ian Rakow.

Rubin said he wanted the Arizona JDL chapter to teach self-defense, martial arts, firearms training and home defense.

Jewish Defense League headquarters and members spread out nationwide. They have headquarters in Los Angeles, Calif., with chapters in San Diego, Calif.; Chicago; New Orleans; Tampa Bay, Fla.; Cleveland; Philadelphia; and New York, in addition to other cities. JDL also has chapters in Denmark, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Eastern Europe, Argentina and the United Kingdom.

Bill Maniaci or Velvel ben Moshe (his Jewish name) is the chairman of the Jewish Defense League of Nevada. Maniaci was born to an Italian father and a Jewish mother. Maniaci has betrayed his European-American heritage by participating in this Europhobic Jewish Supremacist hate group.

[Photo: Left to right. Bill Maniaci and Irv Rubin.]

“Irv Rubin is the protector of the Jewish community in this country,” Bill Maniaci is quoted as having said. “His primary mission is ferreting out hate groups, exposing them and then destroying their infrastructure.”

Bill Maniaci, also said he felt that Rubin was a latter-day Simon Wiesenthal, the famous Nazi Hunter.

Valley resident Jim Freedman was active in a JDL-inspired Jewish Security League (JSL) in the 1970s. He said he met JDL founder Meir Kahane in 1968. Kahane was assassinated in New York Nov. 5, 1990.
All of the men connected to the JDL seem to all have strong ties with Mossad, the Israeli Zionist militant extremist group.

There are strong suspicions that the JDL had something to do with the 1985 murder of Alex Odeh, director of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. Odeh died in a terrorist bombing of the ADC offices in Santa Ana, California, USA.

When asked about it, Irv Rubin publicly stated that Odeh “got what he deserved.”

He also said, “I’m not crying over the death of Alex Odeh. My tear ducts are dry.”

His blatant hatred for non-Jews, especially Arab Americans is apparent. It was this type of hatred that led to his arrest for plotting to bomb a mosque in Culver City, CA.

And so it was to be the Joint Terrorism Task Force who had his wires tapped and then finally raided the JDL member’s house and recovered explosives and stockpiled weaponry in December of 2001.

Police official Clark Staten is quoted here saying, “These acts, planned by Jewish Defense League members, must be condemned just as strongly as those carried out by Islamic Jihad or Hamas…. Terrorists are terrorists…. These arrests show that anyone who would target innocent civilians in such a manner will be brought to justice and dealt with in an expeditious manner.”

The problem with this event lies in that it was completely covered up.

Not a shred of news coverage on TV, Internet news sites or newspapers had revealed anything further about this incident. American citizens are not being informed about the Jewish terrorists in America or what, if any, charges are being brought against them. We have had since December 2001 an entire media blackout in regard to JDL terrorist activities in this country.

This is no surprise to anyone aware of the Zionism that has been polluting America’s governing system for five decades now.

As a result of this media blackout regarding JDL Terrorist activities in this country, it was only until now (2 years later) that I have managed to dig up and piece together what little information I have found.

The JDL Ferocious Fear and Hatred Toward Christians

Meira Bat Avraham JDL Member writes in her article The Perfidious Plot to Convert Jews @ http://www.jdl.org/enemies/quiet_holocaust/ the following, “Under the Law of Return, as defined by the Supreme Court of the State of Israel, neither “Jews” for Jesus nor Messianic “Jews” qualify as Jews. Rabbis in the United States will not allow Jews who believe Jesus was Messiah to have a Jewish burial, or perform weddings wherein they are parties, or knowingly convert a Jesus believer to Judaism. Jews who worship Jesus as Messiah or Son of G-d are apostates.”

“Jews for Jesus, on the other hand, allow for individual decisions as to how much of Judaism to follow. This primarily Baptist-funded organization, founded by Moishe Rosen promotes the idea that you can be both Christian and Jewish, at the same time, this despite the fact that Judaism and Christianity have fundamentally, diametrically opposing views of life.”

This outspoken JDL member goes on to say, “PHYSICAL STRENGTH does not alone defend the Jewish community from harm. Different forms of anti-Semitism require different defenses. Where the Christians are attempting to LOVE US TO DEATH, love must be the antidote to that poison. By this I mean that the appropriate response to Christian attempts to erode the ranks of our young and vulnerable community members through conversion to the belief in Jesus is to LOVE OUR VULNERABLE ONES MORE THAN THE CHRISTIANS DO, AND LOVE THEM BETTER, TOO… Regardless of how one feels about the Jewish Defense League, in terms of its strategies and ideals, no one familiar with the JDL can doubt that physical strength and vocal militancy are the hallmark of the organization. This is, arguably, a necessity…”

Racist remark by JDL member Rabbi Aaron Parry, “A man fulfills a Torah precept by having at least two children. One opinion is a boy and a girl, the other is two boys. Irv, of course, sired two wonderful sons, Ari and Kelly. Having children perpetuates not only the Jewish race, but also a person’s own legacy.”

And so, they feel violence is a necessity. But they claim to hate “nazi’s.” They claim to hate “racists” but appear to be racist themselves. They claim to hate Arab terrorism but support Zionist terrorism. The JDL is a blatant double standard of hatred, lies and fear looking America’s shattered ego in the face and America is afraid to look back. Altermedia.info USA is not.

Looking further into American Zionism we find the JDL, the JDO, the JSL, the ADL and who knows how many other Jewish hate groups polluting this Nation with hate, fear and lies.

Jewish hate groups ignored are left to fester creating an even bigger divide in a Nation that is already struggling with racial and religious tension. These culture wars could lead us to another Civil War.

We hear plenty of news coverage on White hate groups but we never hear about Jewish hate groups or Black hate groups, which do exist.

JDL Leader Mordechai Levy: Fraud and Child Abuser

April 6, 2000 - The head of the militant Jewish Defense Organization Mordechai Levy pleaded guilty to charges that he assaulted a 12-year-old boy in Liberty, New York.

The incident took place while the child was taking part in a summer camp run by Jewish Defense Organization which was training Jewish children to use guns and martial arts.

[Photo: A Young JDL Recruit]

Prosecutor Bonnie Mitzner told the media that the third degree assault emerged from an incident last July at the Paramount Hotel in the Catskill Mountains.

According to the complaint received by investigating police officer Geoffry Cabrera, Levy “kicked the boy in the face and eye, then struck him with his elbow in the middle of his back before kicking him in the testicles.”

The victim, a Russian Jewish immigrant living in New York City, was taken to the hospital with contusions.

According to Mitzner, Levy told police “that the boys had caused damage to a hotel room and he decided to teach them a lesson.” The police were called in by a bystander who witnessed Levy brutalizing the two youths.

The guilty plea came after the prosecutor agreed to drop complaints from other minors filed against Levy on the same day. A 14-year-old boy complained that Levy chased him and threatened him with physical harm. There was also a police complaint that Levy committed ‘false impersonation’ when he misrepresented his identity to a police officer. Officer Cabrera said that Levy called himself Ze’ev M. Levine in order to conceal the fact that he is a convicted felon.

Militant Jewish In-fighting

Levy served a prison sentence following his conviction for assault in the first degree. The case related to a 1988-shooting incident in which Levy fired a semi-automatic assault rifle at a private investigator and Jewish Defense League leader Irv Rubin. The two men had come looking for Levy at the home of his associate A.J. Weberman in order to serve papers in a libel suit being filed by Irv Rubin. During the shooting spree a bystander was wounded in the leg by a stray bullet.

Convicted felons are barred by US federal law from owning or handling firearms. Authorities in Liberty were apparently unaware that he was teaching use of firearms to children.

Levy’s JDO website continues to advertise weapons courses at what Levy calls Camp Jabotinsky.

Mitzner said “he has a history of violence.” She acknowledged that the youths were somewhat intimidated about testifying against Levy until they were contacted by investigators. The prosecutor said that an investigator managed to convince one of the boys that he would not be harmed if they told the truth about the incident.

There was at least one shooting accident during a weapons class given by Levy in which a Russian immigrant youngster was seriously wounded.

The Jewish Defense Organization was an outgrowth of the militant Jewish Defense League established by Rabbi Meir Kahane. The JDO reportedly has as many as 3,000 members.

Levy is so volatile that even the radical Jewish Defense League has condemned Levy as “a dangerous and unstable individual.”

Over the years Levy has been arrested and investigated for unlawful wiretappings, rioting, disturbing the peace, fighting, destruction of property, and obscene phone calls. Alleged antics attributed to Levy have included his taking out a permit to have a pretend White Power rally in Philadelphia. According to statements Levy made to associates, this was done to raise Jewish identity and hatred toward White people in the town. In the 1980’s Levy claimed to have infiltrated the extreme right wing Lyndon LaRouche movement on behalf of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and federal agencies. The ADL denied it had hired Levy.

Levy had a falling out with the JDL after they claimed that he was caught drawing a swastika on the door of the group’s Los Angeles office. Levy apparently was either faking a hate crime against Jews or acting out some sort of deep-seated Jewish self-loathing. Either way, these acts stir up more hatred.

Much of Levy’s activities are carried out on the Internet. The JDO and Levy supporter A.J. Weberman runs websites which lash out at ADL Director Abe Foxman, and private investigator and Nazi-hunter Steve Rambam with bizarre accusations. Levy claims that Foxman was hidden by Christians during the Holocaust and, “would sell out Jews to the Nazi’s in a heartbeat.” Levy accuses Rubin of being “a drug dealer, and a traitor to the Jewish people.” Rambam, says Levy, “is not Jewish and secretly loves Nazis.”


[Photo: Irv Rubin]

IRV RUBIN - Jewish Terrorist and Chairman of the JDL - died on November 13, 2002 while being held in prison. It is suspected that he either committed suicide or arranged his own death to avoid going to trial for the charges against him. The story has been covered up. Little information can be found. This is what I was able to dig up:

On December 11, 2001 Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel were arrested by the federal government on charges of conspiring to blow up the King Fahd mosque in Los Angeles as well the office of Arab-American congressman, Darryl Issa.

22-year-old Danny Gillis, with a rap sheet a mile long, went to Rubin and his long time associate Earl Krugel, with bombing proposals. Gillis was wired and working with the FBI in an undercover sting operation to catch Rubin in the act of terrorist negotiations.

Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel were incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles. He was there because the judge assigned to his case revoked Irv Rubin and Earl’s right to bail, because they were flight risks and dangerous to the community.

On the morning of November 4, 2002 — the very morning Irv Rubin was to appear in court it is reported that he took a disposable razor blade and began slashing his throat, then fell 18 feet to his death from a prison walkway balcony.

The FBI interviewed fifteen witnesses who testified that Irv’s injuries were self-inflicted.

FBI forensics experts determined that Irv Rubin’s death was suicide.
Despite the facts, the JDL is convinced that Rubin was murdered, the victim of “anti-Semtism,” and, to this day, hail him as a martyr of the Jewish people.

Out of the Mouths of JDL Members

“It is very difficult to put into words what a huge loss Irv’s passing is to the Jewish people, Israel, the JDL, and most of all his family. To me, on a personal level, Irv is one of the greatest Jewish leaders of the 20th Century.” -Richard a JDL member from Colorado

“A man whose legacy will be the complete and total embodiment of Ahavat Israel. Love of the Jewish people, love of the land of Israel, love of the G-d of Israel. Irv was a proud Zionist, even when Vanessa Redgrave called him a “Zionist hoodlum.” Irv was a proud Jew even when the Nazis threatened to make him into a lampshade.” - JDL member Fern Sidman (Ms. Sidman served as JDL’s national director from 1983 to 1985)

”Irv Rubin was a rarity. I was 14 years old when I joined the JDL (the best move of my life!). Irv invited me down to the JDL workout at Fairfax High School. Boy, was I shocked to see the head of the JDL exercising right along with us!! I recall patrols he led in the Westwood area on Saturday nights. Once again, Irv Rubin led the attack on a group of anti-Semites. The list of such memories go on and on. Irv Rubin always putting himself on the line for his people.

“The Talmud (Sanhedrin 98) discusses when the final redemption will arrive. Rabbi Yehoshua points to a verse in Daniel (Chapter 12) for the answer: ‘When the OUTSTRETCHED HAND of the holy nation of Israel will be broken, the redemption will arrive.’ Rashi explains this verse: ‘The HAND that was once strong, and reached far over the world - that hand will become weak and shattered.’

[Above: JDL Logo]

”We have unfortunately seen this prophecy come true! That strong hand represented JDL’s clench fist, which sent pride down the spines of World Jewry, and fear into the hearts of the anti-Semites world wide. That proud fist attached to a proud Jewish hand has been SHATTERED by the murders of Rabbi Meir Kahane, Binyamin Kahane, and today the LAST symbol - Irv Rubin!!” - Rabbi Yehuda Richter (Rabbi Yehuda Richter is from the Israeli settlement Elan More. As a youngster, Rabbi Richter joined the Los Angeles JDL chapter before making Aliyah to Israel. Today this Zionist is one of the most respected rabbis in the area.)

And finally, taken directly from the JDL website:

The Principles of the Jewish Defense League



Mishmaat — discipline and dedication — creates within the Jew the knowledge that he (or she) can and will do whatever must be done, and the unity and strength of willpower to bring this into reality. It was the lack of discipline and Jewish unity that led continually to the destruction of the Jewish people. It is Jewish unity and self-discipline that will lead to the triumph of the Jewish people. BITACHON — FAITH IN THE INDESTRUCTIBILITY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE

Faith in the greatness and indestructibility of the Jewish people, our religion and our Land of Israel is Bitachon. It is a faith that is built by our belief in the Jewish G-d of Hosts and the incredible saga of Jewish history that has seen us overcome the flood of enemies that have arisen to wipe us out in every generation. It is this faith in the permanence and survival of the Jewish people that, in turn, gives faith in the ultimate success of the Jewish Defense League. No matter how difficult, no matter how impossible the task may seem … it is a holy task — it will succeed, because it must. [End]

So now you are a bit more informed about the Jewish Defense League than you were before. Now you know what the media does not want you to know.

In closing, I give you a short compiled list summarizing a few JDL activities to look over:

•The 1985 murder of Alex Odeh, director of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.
•Terrorist bombings.
•Plotting to bomb a mosque in Culver City, CA in December of 2001.
•Conspiracy and terrorism charges.
•Organized militant programs of firearms and the martial arts.
•Solicitation with murderous intent.
•Ties with Mossad, the Israeli Zionist militant extremist group.
•Explosives and stockpiled weaponry.
•Blatant hatred towards Christians, Arab-Americans, Muslims, Blacks and European-Americans.
•1988-shooting incident in which Levy fired a semi-automatic assault rifle at a private investigator and Jewish Defense League leader Irv Rubin and convicted of assault in the first degree.
•Training Jewish children to use guns and martial arts.
•JDL slogans like; “I want every Jew, a .22” and “Keep alive with a .45.”
•Mysterious assassinations.
•Convicted felons owning and handling firearms.
•Website advertising weapons courses at Camp Jabotinsky.
•Stirring up hatred by faking “anti-Semitic” activity.
•Twisting the truth and using it as propaganda.
•The JDL belief that intermarriage is forbidden because Jews must perpetuate the Jewish race by having children who are not only religiously Jewish but ethnically Jewish.
•Whole-heartedly dedicating their lives to fighting a holy war using violence, intimidation tactics and murder.
•Victim mentality scapegoating combined with a superiority complex that leads to self-righteous criminal behavior motivated by hate and fear.

With all that read, is the JDL a terrorist hate group?

Decide for yourself.

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