Saturday, June 17, 2006

AGITPROP: Version 3.0, Featuring Blogenfreude: Get Out Your Tinfoil Hats


Get Out Your Tinfoil Hats

Isn't This Fun ...

167232822_c4ff42aed3Blanton's & Ashton's reports that a group called Netvocates has been watching their blog. Who or what is Netvocates, you might ask? Their website claims they go after blogs who say bad things about a company or its products, but B&A has them dead to rights:

Basically, Netvocates is an organization that sends people out to web logs to post propoganda in comments. They appear to be tied to conservatives and there appears to be a tie to, the ultra-right-wing web site. spent time running down the facts on Netvocates and the man behind Netvocates. I recommend that people who read blogs check out the posting. Education is armor.

At Agitprop, we regularly say awful things about religion, the administration, the right wing, psychotic authors, college republicans, and the odd automobile. Never seen Netvocates on the 'ol Sitemeter, but that doesn't mean they haven't been watching.

Agitprop respectfully suggests that all bloggers, big or small, tag all your posts with the Netvocates label. We've got to help them watch us, after all.

Sadly, No! and Watch Me Sleep have more. graphic: Comandante Agi.

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